15 Ways To Conserve Water At Home

June 12, 2018

With summer in full force, it's always nice to unravel the garden hose and relive those childhood memories of running through the yard getting soaked to cool down. While the thought is fun, we also have to be conservative at times keep the utility bills down while the heat goes up. Here are 15 ways you can reduce water usage around the house this summer and save yourself a few dollars when the bills come rolling back around.




1.) Repair leaks in any toilets


2.) Replace old toilets if they were manufactured before 1992.


3.) Instead of tub baths, take showers to limit water usage.


4.) Install a flow-control device in your showers.


5.) When using a washing machine to wash your clothes, only wash when you have a full load of clothes or use a lower water level setting.


6.) Treat stained articles of clothing before entering them in the wash to avoid having to wash again.


7.) Rather than letting the sink tap run, use a pan of water when cleaning fruits and vegetables.


8.) Keep a bottle of water in the refrigerator for drinking. Don’t run the tap to get cold water.


9.) Don't use running water to thaw frozen foods.


10.) Only run the dishwasher when it is completely full.


11.) Water the lawn less frequently and only at night.


12.) Install an automatic sprinkler system, which is much more water efficient than hand watering.


13.) Remove weeds in your garden and around your flowers– they rob other plants of water.


14.) Mow less – mowing puts grass under stress, which makes it need more water.


15.) Mulch shrubs and garden plants to retain moisture in the soil longer.



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