5 Ways To Get Your House Ready To Sell

January 31, 2017

Welcome to our blog!  I am sure you have seen plenty of real estate websites, but we wanted to do something  a little different. Most articles I saw while researching for this post were very informative, but the one thing I noticed was they were all so dull. I asked myself, what is something I would actually want to read? That's when this idea came to mind! Inform people through a blog. Write to your readers as if they were your friends. So here it is Friends...I hope you enjoy it, as well as receive great information from it!


When you decided you are ready to take that leap and make MAKE A MOVE the first thing that comes to mind for most is " where do I even start?", or " how am I ever going to get this house ready to sell?". Don't worry, just breathe we are here to help! 


#1 Consolidate

Packing can be such a hassle, and trying to do it all at once is honestly a nightmare. So before you even put your house on the market clean out those closets. Put things away that you haven't used for months in storage. Not only will it help you with the packing process but it will allow buyers to see how much storage your home has. Try and do the same in the kitchen and in the basement. Your house will look more organized and you'll have a head start on your moving day!


#2 Crystal Clear


This can be a little on the tedious side but I promise it will help, clean all your windows. Trust me, it will make all the difference when you show. Clean windows will allow the natural sunlight to shine into your house and buyers love "natural light". 


#3 It's The Little Things That Count


Patch up any holes from previous picture frames and paint over any scuffs on your walls from the kids, clumsy spouses, or moving furniture. Also try to make your base boards look as new and clean as you can. Doing this will give your house the fresh clean look!


#4 Carpet, Carpet, Carpet


If you have carpet in your home make sure to get it nice and clean. Carpet holds smells from everything especially if you have pets. So call some companies, get a few quotes, and have them come out and do one good clean.  


#5 You only have one shot to make a great first impression


Curb appeal is a HUGE selling point! I know we have talked a lot about the ins


ide of your home but the outside is just as important. Making sure your yard is always cut and the bushes are trimmed is a big help. Plant some colorful flowers to grab buyers eyes and make them want to go inside. Put your green thumb to work friends it will pay off remember you will almost always get back what you put into curb appeal.

Alright friends that's it for this week! I hope you enjoyed my first post. Come back next week for my next blog.




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